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The Termite Report

In most cases, I will recommend that a seller obtain a Wood-Destroying Pests And Organisms Inspection ("termite report") from a licensed Structural Pest Control Operator prior to selling a home. Such inspections identify structural pest and dry rot problems. It is beneficial to know prior to pricing and putting the home on the market what, if any, termite damage there may be.

In a buyer's market, where demand is low and inventory is high, the seller will usually be responsible for crediting the buyer for needed repairs, or having the work done prior to the close of escrow.

In a seller's market, where demand is high and inventory is low, if an inspection is available buyers will often accept the property in its 'as-is' condition. If a report is NOT available at the time of the initial offer, buyers tend to negotiate any needed repairs upon removal of the physical inspection contingency. It is in your best interests as a seller to have your termite inspection done before entertaining offers.

Prior to funding a buyer's loan, lenders may require a Certification of Completion of necessary pest control work. This is another reason to order a Wood-Destroying Pests and Organisms Report as soon as possible.

Pest Control Operator will segregate the Section I work from the Section II work. The following is a break down of a termite report.
  • Section I Work items are those that are currently infested or dry rot damaged.
  • Section II Work items are those conditions deemed likely to lead to infestation or infection.
I can also refer you to a licensed Structural Pest Control Operator through my list of service providers.

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