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The Process for Sellers

There are effective steps in the process of selling your home. With my 23+ years of sales, management and marketing experience, I have prepared a list of steps that we will take in selling your home.

You have one chance to make a first impression to a perspective buyer. Preparing your home to place on the market and the complicated marketing steps involved, I have added another page outlining more in detail these crucial steps.

The following is purely a high-level marketing strategy that we will put in place before applying the more detailed strategy:
  • We will review the factors that influence the sale of your home. They include the location of your home, local comparable sales, market conditions and interest rates / the economy.
  • Once we have established the general factors we will work together on the immediate factors that influence the sale of your home, for example, the current condition of your home, the list price and the availability to show your home, i.e., dogs, nightshift hours, etc.

  • We will need to access your objectives, goals and reasons for selling your home.
  • I will work with you in determining a listing price by comparing your home to other properties in the neighborhood that are currently on the market, pending sale or recently closed escrow.
  • I will encourage you to have necessary inspections and repairs needed on the property prior to deciding on a list price. I will provide you with quality referrals to reputable service providers throughout the transaction.
  • We will then work together in creating a specific and strategic marketing plan to promote the sale of your home. Most of these techniques are standard and are used throughout the industry, though through my years of marketing and managing, I have curtailed it to specifically help sell your home.
  • I will encourage you to "stage" your home for that initial impact to the perspective buyer. Buyer's are challenged by seeing through your personal belongings, this is an easier way for them to "envision" how the home would look with "neutral" colors and furniture.
  • I will follow up with you about any new inventory on the market that may be competitive to your home.
  • I will ensure that I will fully understand your terms and time frames prior to an agent writing an offer on your property.
  • I will have disclosure packets (including required contractual forms and property disclosures) available to an agent for his/her client either on-line or in my office. It is very important to confirm that all disclosures and reports have been received, read and "signed off" prior to an agent submitting their offer.
  • We will review the buyer's ability to qualify for financing, and confirm that cash funds are available. We only proceed if a buyer's financial position is strong, ensuring a solid transaction. We do not want to take your house off the market if we are not completely sure that we have a financially-solid buyer.
  • I will review all the contracts thoroughly with you and explain the process and time frames that will be involved.
  • I will review the estimated closing costs and the proceeds of the sale with you.
  • I will explain and we will negotiate needed repairs on the property after the buyer's inspections.
  • I will monitor the escrow process, ensuring that all time frames are adhered to, and keeping you fully informed. Make sure the buyer is performing in accordance with the purchase contract.
  • I will arrange with the title company the signing of all necessary documents as well as how you prefer to have your proceeds delivered.
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